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There is no question that we need to electrify our public, private and delivery transportation systems to reach our climate goals. However, in many cases the electricity grid cannot provide the amount of energy needed for charging, resulting in power surges during peak hours. This leads to immense costs in penalty fees and a risk of cancellation of the electricity contract.

We optimize energy and power usage to match the current power needed with power available from the grid, locally produced energy, and an energy storage. Our platform can then balance, prioritize and schedule the energy to charge vehicles, power a nearby house or even sell energy or power back to the grid. It can be integrated with many external platforms to collect data to aid in energy predictions (e.g. weather forecasts) and energy usage planning (e.g. fleet or building management systems). The platform can be used on its own or integrated into an existing product.

Our solution optimizes use of locally produced energy, shaves power peaks and, most importantly, enables you to charge your electric fleet.

We provide the missing piece to enable a large scale conversion to an electric fleet.

Tvinn Wattcloud Energy Cloud AI for better energy use balancing scheduling

What we do

Wattcloud Development

Of course, we are working on our solution, the Tvinn Wattcloud. The system is a hybrid of a Smart Charging solution and an Energy Management System that can be used both by the facility owner and the transport operator or vehicle owner. The system predicts how much energy each vehicle needs and learns over time how the fleet behaves and how much juice the vehicles need. This is then mapped with available power. When the grid is insufficient to handle the power peaks that can occur, we optimize the usage of an energy storage and possible local energy production.

Currently, we are testing prototypes. We are working together with several interested companies, property owners, vehicle manufacturers, transportation operators, charge providers and municipalities.

Want to join the team? Drop us a line!

Product development consultancy

Need a team to help you develop your smart, connected products? Or do you simply need to add more competence to your existing team? You have come to the right place! We can also provide designers and developers, ranging from embedded solutions to cloud connections.

Throughout the years we have gained extensive knowledge in designing and developing smart products and advanced systems. We have worked on many projects ranging from satellites to RV coolers and want to work with you, too!

Interested in working with us? We are looking forward to hearing from you!!

Electro Mobility services

Since we are working with energy systems design anyways, we might as well help you out, right?

We can help you with analysing, planning and executing projects in charging, energy storage and local energy production. It can be a complex puzzle when operating a larger fleet of vehicles like electrical buses, delivery trucks, rental cars or other logistics.

Recently, we have been working on a feasibility study at Sweden's leading airport to answer the question on how to be able to charge hundreds of electrical vehicles. Exciting!

To get in touch with our energy professionals, shoot us an email!

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